About Baha Danesh

Bahareh Danesh-Panahi AKA BAHA
is a self taught multi-disciplinary artist
based in Los Angeles, CA.

Telling stories through bright colors and unfortunate mishap is just half of who Baha is...

Baha explains that "happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with creative energy, love, grace, and gratitude” and for Baha Danesh - ART is Happiness.

At a young age Baha started building bridges between herself and the rest of humanity. Reuniting and recording fragments of thought, feeling, and memory; and presenting things that she can’t express in any other way.

She was born in Iran Tehran, and after the Iranian Revolution her parents moved to sunny Los Angeles California. Being so close to the entertainment and business capital of L.A., Baha was inspired to start discovering and exploring her artistic abilities.

Today she is very involved with L.A.’s underground art community and is the founder of the art collective L'art Pour L'art.

According to Baha Danesh, “creating art is a form of expression that creates culture and culture shapes values and values determine the future.” She believes the creative process is, above all, the best adventure of the mind, body, and soul.